Features Of Industrial Use Fluidizers



It’s incredible to note that the use of fluidizers is still relatively new. But over the last twenty years or so, its use has climbed steadily across all commercial and industrial sectors. Even so, those industrialists still using ribbon blenders are not yet familiar with the heavy duty industrial alternative. Fluidizer features and ribbon blender features, however, remain fairly similar. On the outside, the industrial use fluidizer looks very much like a ribbon blender. But after opening its lid, you will notice numerous fluidizer blades projecting in different directions. The blades are producing a good counter current flow whilst keeping all materials within the blender chamber level.

The short length and angle of the blades allow for faster blending, much faster than the slower, spiraling motion of the traditional ribbon blender. The paddle blender allows for more gentle mixing actions. A variable frequency drive is added to the machine to produce this effect. While blending a product gently, it is still able to operate at a high speed. Industrial use fluidizers are prepared for all sectors, running from as little as 5 cu ft to as high as 500 cu ft. The machines can run up to as much as 150 HP. Each manufactured machine has been sized in accordance with bulk density and customization in accordance with client specifications.

Fluidizers are manufactured to take care of sanitation and safety requirements. Permanently engraved safety stickers are applied during the manufacturing process. Applied safety grates are hinged. Sanitary designs have all been certified. But in maintaining such standards, only low levels of maintenance will be required. Each machine is solidly built, applying stainless steel backrests and lid handles. The lid design is in the reinforced pyramid shape. On delivery, the onus will be on the client to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained.

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