fan blade puller

The Invention Of The Fan Puller Tool


A gentleman with over thirty years experience in the HVAC industry had what you could call one of those light bulb moments. Endeavoring to make his work easier he ended up inventing what is now known as the fan blade puller. This device allows an HVAC service technician to remove the air conditioning unit’s fan blade or blower without any assistance of an accompanying technician. This gentleman’s innovative light bulb moment is now aiding the HVAC industry in efficiency of work, better safety standards in the work environment and the ability to keep production costs as low as possible. The object of his exercise was always going to be for the creation of a fan puller tool that only requires one pair of hands to operate it.

fan blade puller

Previously, more pairs of hands were always required to remove a fan wheel from the HVAC machine. The new device allows just one person to quickly and efficiently remove the fan blade or blower in a matter of minutes. Time remains money, but in this efficient process there is no longer the need for so-called rush jobs. The technician can remain quietly focused on the work he needs to complete in a timely manner on behalf of his customer. The fan blade puller is an American invention. It is made out of solid steel and has been specially coated to prevent the occurrence of rust.

HVAC technicians continue to require tools that allow them to operate independently without the assistance of another person who may not even have the desired skills to begin with. That has been the nature of the business. And now, a blower wheel, air conditioning fan and a condenser can be removed swiftly, allowing the technician to nip all issues in the bud.

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